Walking with Dinosaurs in Alabama

Walking with Dinosaurs in Alabama

The family and I went to Birmingham, Alabama, in 2009 to watch “Walking with Dinosaurs.” We heard two kids were killed at a previous show, so we anticipated an exciting night. Everybody wore old clothes because I expected dinosaur smell would get on everything.

The show was ok, but I kind of expected more. There were a few surprises however:

-I didn’t expect the Brachiosaurus to take a huge crap in the middle of the arena. I don’t think the emcee expected it either, he seemed kind of embarrassed, especially when he almost slipped in it. They had to go to a 40-minute intermission to clean it up. The smell was horrendous.

-All the dinosaur sex (and it was supposed to be a family show!)

-No one was killed, but they did let a live chicken loose on the arena floor where it proceeded to squawk and run around. It was kind of funny until one of the dinosaurs stepped on it, then it was hilarious. The emcee grabbed the still twitching chicken carcass, held it above his head, and let the blood drip into his mouth. That part was a little creepy.

-The special Dancing With Dinosaurs segment featuring Cloris Leachman, who actually raised some of the creatures as pets.

-Also, it was a bit surprising when Jesus came riding out on the Torosaurus.

All in all, a fun night, with memories for a lifetime.