Toe Jumps and Camel Spins: The Susan and Todd Story

Susan and Todd skating


Susan and Todd believe in love at first sight.

“That might sound strange considering how long it took Todd to notice me,” Susan said. “Sure, we were skating partners throughout college, but I wanted to take our relationship to the next level.”

So Susan surprised Todd during the couple’s most important skating competition: the Oktoberfest Leap for the Peaks Skating Extravaganza in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“After sampling several steins of the local ale, I decided to make a bold move,” Susan said. “I modified my costume just before we skated out to begin our program.” Susan gently places her hand on Todd’s thigh. Todd lovingly touches her hand with his fingertips and nudges it away.

“Yes, the little vixen had removed her panties and was completely nude under her dress,” Todd said. “I lifted her above my head, looked up, and found myself peering into Squaw Valley. I must say, I’d never seen anything like it, but I was intrigued by the view.”

Although Todd was visibly shaken during the program and Susan inebriated, the couple won the competition with perfect scores despite numerous falls that left Susan splay-legged on the ice and the judges howling with approval. The other competitors filed a protest, citing the judges’ overt display of drunkenness, masturbation, and high-fives. The judges refused to consider the objection.

Inspired by the sight of Susan’s fun hatch, Todd created many of the couple’s most memorable panty-less skating routines, including “Clit for Tat,” “Poon River,” and “Labia Lullaby.” Though critically acclaimed by skating professionals, the routines were not so readily accepted by family audiences.

Susan shows her skating talent


“I think we were ahead of our time,” Susan said. “But I was proud to suffer for my art, my sport, my artistic sport.” Susan hesitates, composes herself, lifts her head and continues, “Some nights it was so cold, I skated with two pairs of chapped lips.”

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